Epic Ditch "36-HOUR" EP (VOS006)


Image of Epic Ditch "36-HOUR" EP (VOS006)

Here’s a packed to the grooves power sk8 punk 7" from Nashville’s own Epic Ditch. Having long paid their dues in various bands, John Davis was a founder of early nineties band, Superdrag and bassist Nick Raskulinecz is a Grammy award winning producer for up and comer bands like the Foo Fighters, Rush, and Alice In Chains. Adding Pegclimber's Stewart Pack and The Pink Spiders Nick Slack to the mix, this isn’t a bunch of new kids on the block.
This single captures more than just a late night halfpipe session soundtrack, they’re shredding record needles. - 7inches

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by Epic Ditch
Image of Epic Ditch "36-HOUR" EP (VOS006) Image of Epic Ditch "36-HOUR" EP (VOS006)