Wild Vagina "Wild And Wonderful...Wild Vagina"


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Wild Vagina hail from parts unknown (we think Paw Paw, West Virginia) and are serving up their very first release, right here at Velocity of Sound!
On their debut we see a look into WV's colorful world of home recordings, sure to delight fans of The Frogs, Ween and other like minded geniuses.
It's time to get wild.

"Wild And Wonderful..." is the third installment of our Those Were The Lathe series.

There are only 50 lathes available! Download code included with 7".

"What the hell is a lathe cut 7" you ask?", well let us tell you!
Lathe cut records are handmade, limited edition records on polycarbonate (plexiglass) in a multitude of varieties. They are NOT a direct substitute for vinyl. These records are each 100% handmade and cut in real time. These records are intended as pieces of playable art.

Long story short, sound wave are literally CARVED into the record apposed to pressed into a record.

"How do they sound" you wonder?
Lathe cuts will always have some degree of surface noise/pops/crackles, which tends to largely disappear once the music starts, especially for full, loud recordings. However, these lathe cuts are not audiophile records, or even comparable to standard pressed records. They will sound slightly different than the master, because the plastic reacts to certain frequencies differently. They are made from materials that were never intended to be records. Sound quality varies slightly from one record to the next, and some audio tracks translate better than others. There are many factors that determine the sound of the record; the material, the number of records that have been cut by the stylus, the climate, etc… But we drop-test them all and throw away any that are not up to standard. They are all totally listenable, but intended to be used more as playable art pieces. These lathes are not meant to be the way your track is regularly listened to.


by Wild Vagina
Image of Wild Vagina "Wild And Wonderful...Wild Vagina" Image of Wild Vagina "Wild And Wonderful...Wild Vagina"